What Parents say about Program:

I have been taking my 15-month-old grandson, Jonathan, to the Music Together® classes (In Teaneck and Englewood) twice a week for the last few months, and he really loves them!  I am so impressed with the wonderful music teachers, and I highly recommend the classes to other families!

- Margaret Goldfarb


My son Tommy is in the Thursday class and he really get alot out of it by using his book and CDs, allllll.  He is trying to learn the guitar on his own....he idolizes Ms.Kim!!  We have our own music classes at home he takes out his book and reads it yes he is reading at 31/2!! and we sing all the songs and he learned Macro & Micro beats from the class and practices this everyday.   Thanks so much for this wonderful program!!!  Danielle Lobue 11/2011

My son Robert had been in the Saturday class since he was 5 months old,now he is 2yr.He is in daycare 5 day a week and when the teacher does music time, she say he sings the loudest and keeps a beat no matter even if she changes rhythm and words in the song he is able to do it. In class he sits on my lap and just watches, but at home he takes out his little animals and pretends he is in class. He is diffinity getting the benefits of the program and we are continuing in the summer. WE love it! Maureen Fulloon

I love that my grandchilren are enrolled in the program. MY grandson who is 4yr loves to open the songbook and sing the songs with the pictures.  He even gave me one of the CD's so I can have it when I have to babysit them. They are learning so much in the class.  Grandma Wanda

I am in Baby class this spring semester and love the class. My teacher Kim was wonderful and she taught us what to do at home with the program and it works. My baby Matthew alway cries when I change him so I sing to him the songs from the CD's we take home. He stops crying and his whole expression changes. I love it and I will continue in the summer with him. Lisa Tripodi

I love my teacher Mitch. He plays the guitar and sings beautifully. My 3yr old son loves to take out his little guitar and imitates him. Brenda W.

Kim did my child's 1yr birthday party in April and we loved it. She is an amazing person who is warm and gentle with the kids. She know exactly what to do to make the party special and fun. Lauren Gondevas

My child who is 2yrs old loves to sing, I had a little frog in the bathtub. He knows every song in the collection. I love the program. Nancy Sapper

My child can't speak but she can sing these songs. Madonna Belour

My child is addicted! She expects me to carry her around our family room and dance to the Music Together CD at least 4 or 5 times a day. Now that she's approaching 20 pounds, it's not as easy as it was at the beginning of the summer, but I still pick her up and dance because she loves it so much. It is the only consistent part of our daily schedule, if you can believe that! Masumi

We love Music Together! My teacher Kim has been amazing and it has been wonderful to watch our daughter get more and more comfortable each week with the music.
Thanks Music Together, Gina Durante

My child wakes up in the morning wanting to hear these songs. I can't believe how much my child does at home, but in class she just sits and watches everyone.
Its amazing! Mrs. Donna S.

I love my teacher Anar, she is warm and sweet and her voice is like butter. I love the program and that it is teaching my child so many wonderful songs and we get to take the CD's and songbook home. My son loves opening the book and looking at the pictues. I can see him making the connection of the picture with the song. Jody

My son Adam has been in the Music Together class since he was 9 months old and he is now 2yrs.  As a result of the class he has developed a fondness and appreciation for music.  In fact, when he hears music playing I am very impressed as I watch him sing  along and clap his hands to the beat of the music.  During the Music Together class he sits on my lap watching Ms. Kim and follows her instruction very attentively.  As Ms. Kim sings and plays her guitar my son moves to the beat of the music keeping in perfect rhythm.

As a result of attending the class I can utilize music to improve my son's mood and have a happy toddler.  I am delighted from the results of having my son in Music Together class.   Ms. Biling Karel, 4/21/13

Biling Karel